RETIREMENT: How much to save & where? The Philippine PERA Law

Years ago, I heard about the importance of saving for retirement, but I knew very little about it. For instance, how much should I save for retirement? Also, where should I put my money? How Much to Save for Retirement Eric Tyson, in his comprehensive book Personal Finance for Dummies, gave this rough formula for those who wish to maintain their pre-retirement standards of living. 65 … Continue reading RETIREMENT: HOW MUCH TO SAVE AND WHERE? THE PHILIPPINE PERA LAW

“How Good People Like You Can Become Rich” by Bo Sanchez

If you consider yourself a beginner in the world of personal finance, you will soon realize that for your financial plans to work, you have to change the way you think about yourself. You will also have to develop a more positive view of money and material wealth. I find reading articles and books online, … Continue reading “How Good People Like You Can Become Rich” by Bo Sanchez

Lego Alternatives: Affordable Building Block Toys

Are you thinking of buying legos or building blocks for your kids (6 years and up), as a gift, or as treat for your inner child? There may be times when we want to treat ourselves or give someone the most expensive and classy thing on the market. But if you are keeping your expenses … Continue reading Lego Alternatives: Affordable Building Block Toys

The powerful link between personal finance and our self-worth

When I began reading books on finances, every so often I would encounter the concept of abundance and self-worth, and their link to building wealth. For many, the struggle does not lie in developing new skills, because they are good at what they do. It does not lie in earning more, because they do earn … Continue reading The powerful link between personal finance and our self-worth

Exploring Stock Market Investing

I used to think of the stock market as this huge, messy, difficult topic. Well, I still do. But I no longer feared the topic as much as I used to. I began reading books, particularly Bo Sanchez's The Turtle Always Wins, where he discussed the strategic averaging method. (Another book by Bo Sanchez which … Continue reading Exploring Stock Market Investing

Dream big, start small

Whether you're a student, a new graduate about to get your first-ever paycheck (woohoo!), or someone starting over financially after being laid off, fired, or going through a family or health setback that hurt your budget, you can always start putting your finances in order. In Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Habit 2 … Continue reading Dream big, start small